5 Fun Facts About Texas

Texas is well known for its cowboy vibe. This state in the USA is always though as the home of cowboys and hence once you mention it to someone that’s the exact picture they will have in mind about Texas. However, there are a number of interesting facts apart from just the Texas vibe that you should know about Texas.

These facts include:

Territorial treaty

Texas in 1845 became a part of the USA. Among all the other states Texas was an independent nation the year 1839-1845. The other nations joined the USA through annexation. Texas had its own terms in this and did not fear to be an independent state. Later on, in 1845 is when its leadership agreed to join the USA through a common agreement joined by a treaty. Just how cool is this Texas bragging about it did not relent on just giving in but instead stood firm till an agreement had to be met so that it becomes part of the USA.

Civil war

A civil war was quite common in the past. It always involved territorial boundaries and the last one just happened to be in Texas. It started off just as a mob fight on the coastline and broke loose. It was not a good sight actually as there were scores injured and a number of deaths recorded. The war was actually won by Texas itself and they realized that war does not solve disputes but instead leads to quite painful memories and physical pain. They decided the way forward was to lay down their arms and never again will they ever allow arms to be the way to solve disputes.

Greatest oil reserve in the USA

If Texas was to sign out of the treaty today it would brag about being one of the richest countries due to oil. It has the largest oil reserve in the USA and actually amounts to 10 billion barrels. This on an estimate is more than a quarter of the total reserves found in the USA. If there was an approximation of the total quantity of it would be estimated to be more than 400 billion gallons of it. This state is filthy rich in crude oil don’t you think?

Oscar awards

Amazing facts about Texas just get better when the name Oscar Awards is mentioned. The Oscar awards are one of the most prestigious awards sorts in the world. The actually name Oscar comes from a person who originated from Texas. His name was Oscar Pierce and worked in an arts academy and one day while on his daily routine he saw a golden statue and he said it looked like one of his uncles. If you are quite keen on the Oscar awards you would realize that they are given replicas of the same of what Oscar Pierce saw.

Sam Huston

Let’s get political. Texas prides itself to having Sam Huston as the first and third president of the Texas Republic. This was before it became a part of the USA. Later after agreeing to the treaty, he became the first governor of Texas still. There is a great white statue of Sam Huston in Huntsville to always remember the work of this great soldier and American – read article on things to see in texas dallas.

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